We make emails and addresses invaluable.

Email & Direct Mail

We make emails and addresses invaluable.

Email & Direct Mail

by Nathan David

Healthcare and Wellness Email and Direct Mail

Emails and home addresses are invaluable resources. We create and execute sophisticated email and mail programs that drive conversions and loyalty.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the use of email to convey and promote your services. When used correctly, email is used to develop relationships with existing and potential customers. Email technologies have evolved over time making both the detection of spam and the targeting capabilities of advertisers more robust. Today, many emails are automated (leveraging marketing automation platforms) to improve relevancy and timeliness of messaging. Since email lists are owned by advertisers, it has become a very cost effective channel to drive impact.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail is essentially the same as email except communicates are sent through the postal service rather than via the internet. The intent is still to develop relationships with existing and potential customers. With the plethora of consumer data available today, direct mail has evolved from a mass communication method to a highly targeted channel.

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Our Expertise

We have experience creating email and direct mail strategies in the healthcare and wellness industry including integrated marketing programs for large healthcare systems. Each program closely aligns with your organization’s objectives and unique services. We have executed email and direct mail acquisition strategies but we see the best results when using these channels to drive loyalty. For hospitals securing one patient’s loyalty, can results in over a million dollars in lifetime contribution margin. In addition, email and direct mail can be used to improve population health by improving compliance with treatment plans. Leveraging the latest technologies and your primary data, these channels can be vital drivers of results for your organization.

Getting Started

  1. Start with a free consultation*
  2. If you want to move forward, we will continue discovery and project scoping
  3. Once we intimately understand your objectives, we can formalize the partnership**
  4. Then our experts become an extension of your marketing team and we hold ourselves accountable for results
*No extended commitments required for the free consultation. We also are more than happy to respond to requests for proposals (RFPs). Please don’t hesitate to contact us about getting started in this manner.
**We understand the legal complexities for healthcare and wellness organizations and are open to using your organization’s standard service contract as the foundation of our agreement.